Best Family Law Barristers

Sydney’s top-rated family law barristers; handling divorce, child custody, property settlements, spousal maintenance, and domestic violence cases.

Family law barristers typically cannot take instructions directly from clients. They rely on solicitors or law firms to act as intermediaries.

Family lawyers manage the overall legal strategy for your case. This includes tasks like gathering evidence, negotiating settlements, and instructing the barrister on what arguments to present in court.

Family law barristers are courtroom specialists. They are briefed by the lawyer to represent you in court hearings and trials, leveraging their expertise in legal arguments and presentation.

Family law barristers in Australia work with clients indirectly, through family and divorce lawyers.

Best Family Law Barristers

Karen Beck

Karen was called to the Bar in 2013 after receiving 1st class honours in her Bachelor of Laws. She has practiced solely in family law since that time, appearing in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, the Family Court of Australia and the Full Court of the Family Court. Karen brings to her practice a thorough understanding of family law issues. Her practice includes all areas of family law including property distribution, children’s matters and family violence. She regularly appears as Counsel for the Independent Children’s Lawyer. With prior experience in the business world and MBA qualifications Karen has the necessary skills to deal with complex financial issues in property matters.

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Giles Stapleton

Giles Stapleton

Giles was called to the Bar in October 2012 after a 20 year career in banking and commerce in Sydney and London. Giles’ practice in Family Law involves appearing in all types of property and parenting disputes and appearing led and unled in reviews and appeals of family law decisions. Giles is also a member of Ninth Floor Selborne Chambers, Sydney from where he also appears in property law and equity disputes in the NSW Supreme Court. Giles accepts briefs in all New South Wales Courts, all Federal Courts and the Federal Circuit & Family Courts across Australia.

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Grahame Richardson

Grahame Richardson SC is a specialist in Family Law at both trial and appellate level. He has been a barrister for in excess of 32 years, including over 20 years as Senior Counsel. Family Law has been his predominant area of practice throughout that time and he has participated in many significant cases at first instance and on appeal that have contributed to the developing jurisprudence of the area. During that time he has developed a keen interest in complex financial cases particularly those involving disputed disclosure of wealth and contested valuations. He has wide ranging experience in all nature of proceedings in courts exercising a Family Law jurisdiction.

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Esther Lawson

Esther Lawson was admitted to the NSW Bar in 2005.Esther is a trained nationally accredited mediator and is a member of the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM). She accepts briefs to appear as a mediator in parenting and property matters. As a barrister, the majority of Esther’s practice is in the areas of family law, care and protection law and adoption law..

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What do you need to know before hiring a family law barrister in Sydney?

Hiring a family law barrister can be a crucial decision, especially if you’re facing significant family disputes.

Here are some key factors to consider:

Family Law Case

  • Nature of Dispute: The complexity and sensitivity of your family law issues (e.g., divorce, child custody, property settlements) will impact the level of representation you need. More intricate cases may require a barrister with extensive experience.
  • Legal Process: Familiarise yourself with the basic stages of a family law case, from mediation to potential court hearings. This will help you ask informed questions about the barrister’s approach.

Family Law Barrister Expertise

  • Specialisation: Family law covers a broad range. Ideally, you want a barrister with a proven track record in cases similar to yours (e.g., custody battles, financial disputes).
  • Experience: Find out how long the barrister has practised family law and the types of courts they typically appear in.

Communication and Fees

  • Consultation: Most barristers offer consultations where you can discuss your case and get a sense of their personality and communication style. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident with your barrister.
  • Costs: Family law barristers can be expensive. Ask about their fees upfront and whether they offer payment plans.


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