Who are the best criminal lawyers and law firms in Sydney 2024?

Updated on 19/06/2024

Sydney’s top-rated criminal defence lawyers and law firms defending felonies, federal crimes, drink driving, drug charges, fraud, financial, white collar, & criminal.

Criminal lawyers, often referred to as criminal defence lawyers, specialise in defending individuals and entities charged with criminal offences. These professionals navigate the intricacies of criminal law to ensure that their clients receive a fair trial. From minor offences like traffic violations to major crimes such as robbery or murder, proficient criminal lawyer advocates on behalf of their client, ensuring that their rights are protected and their voice is heard.

Choosing a criminal lawyer is not a decision to be made lightly. The outcome of your criminal case can have profound implications on your life, freedom, and future.

The recommendations provided below are curated based on our experience and rigorous criteria, encompassing expertise, experience, client feedback, and professionalism. Leveraging these recommendations helps ensure that you engage with criminal lawyers and law firms renowned for their dedication, expertise, and proven track record in criminal law.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, by going through all criminal law firms operating in the Sydney region from Law Society NSW and have put together a list below.

If you are going to court and your case is going before a jury, it’s important to engage a skilled criminal barrister, who can be crucial in presenting your case persuasively and influencing the jury’s decision.

Sydney's Best Criminal Lawyers and Law Firms.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® is a firm comprised of the nation’s brightest and best criminal lawyers in Sydney. With eight offices conveniently located close to the courts, they provide easy and immediate access to experienced criminal defense lawyers in Sydney. They offer free consultations and have fixed fees for criminal cases going to court. The firm is trusted by clients for its dedication and proven success, which is reflected in its high-quality legal representation and an outstanding list of awards.

The law firm includes Sydney’s top-rated criminal lawyers, who have achieved a successful track record in consistently getting serious criminal charges dropped early and achieving ‘not guilty’ verdicts in serious criminal jury trials, including section 10 (non-conviction) sentence outcomes.

Recognized as highly respected experts in criminal law, members of the firm have appeared and featured in popular television and radio talkback shows, as well as newspaper articles, for their opinions on the law. They have secured exceptional results in some of Australia’s most complex and high-profile cases over the years.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is recognised as Australia’s most awarded criminal law firm, with numerous offices spread throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area. The firm excels in handling a diverse range of criminal and traffic cases, including drink driving, drug driving, drug possession, fraud, and assault. They are renowned for their involvement in some of Australia’s most significant and complex criminal cases.

Their team comprises solicitors and barristers specialising in criminal law. This includes areas such as drink driving offences, drug offences, and white-collar crimes. Sydney Criminal Lawyers takes pride in offering their clients professional legal advice and strong representation in court. They are committed to achieving the most favourable outcomes for every case they handle.

The firm provides legal representation for individuals charged with criminal offences, as well as traffic and driving offences. They cater to a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from those aiming to avoid a conviction or clear their name to those seeking the most advantageous resolution for their case. To learn more about their services and how they can assist, potential clients are encouraged to contact Sydney Criminal Lawyers today.

Address: Museum Towers, 503/267 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9261 8881
Website: sydneycriminallawyers.com.au


George Sten & Co is a specialist firm of criminal lawyers based in the central business district of Sydney, Australia. The firm was established in 1967 by George Sten and is comprised of Senior Lawyers, Paralegals and Support Staff. George Sten & Co are a one of the longest established Criminal Law Firms in Sydney. We only practice in Criminal Law and are experts in our field, our case history and results speak for themselves.

Address: Suite C4, Ground Floor 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number02 961 8640
Website: criminal-lawyer.com.au


Nyman Gibson Miralis (NGM) is a criminal defence law firm based in Sydney, specialising exclusively in criminal law. Their Sydney criminal defence lawyers defend charges ranging from traffic and drug-related offences to the most serious of criminal charges, including corporate crime and sexual assault, as well as crime commission matters, including ICAC.

Address: Level 9, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number02 9264 8884
Website: ngm.com.au


5. Criminal Law Group


At Criminal Law Group, they provide top-tier legal representation in all aspects of criminal and traffic law. With over 30 years of combined experience, they have built a reputation as one of Sydney’s leading criminal law firms. Their dedicated lawyers fight vigorously to protect clients’ rights and achieve the best outcomes for their cases.

They ensure clients’ peace of mind by guiding them through the legal process, offering a proven track record in defending criminal and traffic cases. Their experienced lawyers appear in court daily and have successfully defended thousands of cases, including AVOs, serious assaults, drug offences, firearms, fraud, and driving charges. Criminal Law Group offers a free initial consultation to discuss cases and provide a transparent fee breakdown.

Their deep knowledge of criminal law helps clients avoid charges, secure early acquittals, and achieve not guilty verdicts or reduced penalties. Clients can trust them to provide clear advice, guide them through complex legal processes, and fight for their rights and freedom

Address: Level 57/25 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number: 1300 274 652
Website: criminallawgroup.com.au

Astor Legal are commonly regarded as the best criminal lawyers Sydney. The team is led by Avinash Singh, who is one of the few lawyers in Australia to have been listed by the Law Society as an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law. This is a title that less than 6% of lawyers in Australia have been honoured with, putting him in a truly elite bracket.

The firm regularly appears for some of Australia’s most prominent sportspeople, including Olympians and National Rugby League (NRL) players. Their client list has included the likes of rugby league great Andrew Johns. They have appeared in some of the country’s most prominent and groundbreaking recent legal cases which have changed the landscape of criminal law.

Astor Legal are the exclusive criminal law expert for a number of organisations including Leaders in Law and Advisory Excellence. They have been recognised in television, radio, online and print media. Journalists regularly quote their legal expertise on breaking news and legal developments.

Address: Level 45/680 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number: (02) 7804 2823
Website: astorlegal.com.au

7. Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic Lawyers is a firm that focuses exclusively on Criminal and Traffic Law, with their proven track record of achieving excellent results for their clients. Whether you are charged with a minor offence or a serious crime, their team of lawyers will provide you with personalised and professional legal advice, and fight for the best possible outcome in court. 

Address: Level 7, 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number: 02 8059 7121
Website: sydneycriminaldefenceandtrafficlawyers.com.au

8. Streeton Criminal Lawyers

Streeton Criminal Lawyers is a leading criminal law firm based in Sydney, Australia. The firm has a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who specialise in defending clients charged with various criminal offences, ranging from traffic matters to serious indictable crimes. The firm’s mission is to provide high-quality legal representation and advice to clients, while protecting their rights and interests throughout the criminal justice process. Streeton Criminal Lawyers has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes for clients, whether by negotiating favourable plea bargains, obtaining bail, securing acquittals or reducing penalties. The firm also offers free initial consultations and fixed fees for most cases, ensuring that clients receive transparent and affordable legal services.

Address:Liberty Place, Level 1, 167 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number: (02) 9046 8427
Website: streetoncriminallawyers.com.au

Australian Criminal & Family Law Lawyers, a stalwart legal firm based in Sydney, New South Wales, stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the complex waters of criminal law. Their battle-tested criminal lawyers fearlessly champion clients’ causes in courtrooms across New South Wales, from the Local Court to the High Court of Australia. With unwavering dedication and a track record of success, they’ve earned their reputation as one of Sydney’s top criminal law firms. Whether it’s defending against charges or safeguarding rights, Australian Criminal & Family Law Lawyers are the trusted allies you need.

Address: Suite 1003, Level 10, 265 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone Number: 1300 745 368
Website: acfl.com.au

10. O'Brien Solicitors

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors, a trusted Australian law firm, remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. With a team of seasoned legal professionals, they provide cost-effective legal advice and representation across any state or territory of Australia. Whether defending against criminal charges, representing clients in civil claims against the police, or assisting with defamation claims against publishers, their commitment to justice is unwavering. The firm’s criminal defence lawyers fearlessly champion clients’ causes, navigating the intricacies of the legal system. From criminal appeals to advice at police stations, their recent case studies highlight successful outcomes in various criminal matters.

Address: Level 4, 219-223 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number: 02 9261 4281
Website: obriensolicitors.com.au

Jimmy Singh

Jimmy Singh is the principal lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. He is highly respected amongst the profession and well recognised for his experience and proven success record on winning the seemingly un-winnable cases. He has consistently achieved outstanding results in avoiding criminal convictions whilst proving his client’s innocence in and out of court.

Learn more about Jimmy Singh

Alex Istifan

Alex is an experienced criminal lawyer from Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. He's known for his fierce courtroom advocacy and meticulous preparation, both aimed at achieving the best results for his clients. Alex knows exactly how to maximise his clients chances at getting the best possible outcome in court through hard work and thorough preparation. Alex is a strong believer in honesty and transparency for his clients when providing legal advice.

Learn more about Alex Istifan

Elie Srour

Elie Srour is a leading criminal lawyer and principal of Criminal Law Group, one of Sydney's top firms. With over a decade of experience, Elie has successfully defended thousands of clients across NSW. Specializing exclusively in criminal defence, his advocacy skills and negotiation prowess ensure clients receive exceptional representation.Elie is a fierce advocate who will give you honest and realistic advice. You can rest assured that Elie will give you his undivided personal attention and commitment to your case, negotiate successful outcomes, and provide professional representation for all criminal and traffic charges at any court in NSW.

Learn more about Elie Srour

Tayla Regan

Tayla has worked primarily in criminal and traffic law for her entire career. Throughout the years, she has earned a reputation for her tactful and extremely well prepared approach to every case as well as her exceptional track record of results in court. One important aspect that sets her aside from other lawyers, is her compassion towards her clients and a drive to ensure that they receive the very best legal representation possible. Tayla understands that each case, no matter how big or small, has a profound impact on an accused person and she does not stop until every avenue is explored and every argument is made.

Learn more about Tayla Regan

Avinash Singh

Avinash Singh is the Principal Lawyer of Astor Legal. He is one of Australia’s most respected and highly sought-after lawyers, having represented some of Australia’s elite sportspeople including Olympians & National Rugby League (NRL) players. He has been recognised by the Law Society as an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, placing him in the top 6% of lawyers in Australia.

Learn more about Avinash Singh

Michael Blair

Michael appears regularly as an advocate in a wide range of Local Court and Children’s Court matters, District Court sentences, appeals and bail application and Supreme Court bail applications. He has also represented clients in examinations and hearings at the NSW Crime Commission, ICAC and other investigative bodies. His approach to all matters is marked by taking time to listen very carefully to his client, attention to detail and preparation of a robust defence case.

Learn more about Michael Blair

Young Sydney's criminal lawyers making a mark in the world of criminal law.

Name Law Firm
Tayla Regan Australian Law Advocates
Alex Istifan Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia®
Raymond Zhai Zhai & Associates
Helen Christinson Younes Espiner Lawyers
Angela Cooney Armstrong Legal

How to choose the right Criminal Lawyer or Law Firm in Sydney?

Prioritise Specialisation in Criminal Law

Diverse fields like family, employment, and immigration law have their own intricacies. Seek out firms solely dedicated to criminal law to ensure thorough familiarity with its complexities.

Investigate the Firm’s Reputation

Apart from the awards a firm showcases, dig deeper:

  • Have they been recognised in the specific area of criminal law you’re interested in, such as white-collar crime or narcotics offences?
  • Sift through online reviews. Platforms like Google can provide real-time feedback from past clients, potentially spotlighting lawyers who might be a good fit.

Initial Consultation

Most criminal lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This meeting can help you gauge your comfort level with the criminal lawyer and their approach to your case. Open conversations about costs can prevent unforeseen disputes. Whether it’s legal aid, fixed fees, or a sliding scale based on the lawyer’s experience, ensure you’re clear on the financial commitment. We found that most of the firms in Sydney typically offer you a fixed fee arrangement for the type of cases you are in.

However, still, it’s best to pick criminal law firm or lawyer  that have good experience and have successfully handled your type of case to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

To help you with that, we’ve done the research of going through all criminal law firms operating in the Sydney region from Law Society NSW and have put together a list below.

What questions to ask criminal lawyer during the first consultation?

Meeting a criminal lawyer for the first time can be daunting, but asking the right questions can help you feel more confident and informed about your situation.

Copy the questions below, to ensure that you are covering all the bases for your case in your first free consultation.

Experience and Credentials

  • How long have you been practising criminal law?
  • What percentage of your practice is dedicated to criminal defence?
  • Do you have experience handling cases similar to mine?
  • Have you tried cases in front of the judge assigned to you?
  • What are your professional memberships and affiliations?

Understanding your case

  • Can you explain the charges against me in plain language?
  • What are the potential penalties I face?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case?
  • What evidence do you need from me to build a strong defence?
  • What are the different defence strategies we could pursue?

Communication and Fees

  • How will you keep me informed about the progress of my case?
  • Will you be the primary attorney handling my case?
  • What are your fees, and how will they be billed?
  • Do you offer payment plans or accept legal aid?
  • What are your estimated timelines for the key stages of the case?

Personal fit

  • Do you think we will be able to work well together?
  • Do you have a style of communication that I’m comfortable with?
  • Can I reach you easily if I have questions or concerns?

Additional questions

  • What are the potential risks and consequences of going to trial?
  • What are the alternatives to trial, such as plea bargains or diversion programs?
  • What should I avoid doing while my case is pending?
  • Can you recommend any resources or support services for me?

How are the criminal lawyers on the list above selected?

The selection for the Criminal Lawyers Sydney on our website is a thorough process. We’ve hand-selected only criminal law firm that only specialises in criminal law as the main-focus of their firm.

Additionally, our process includes evaluating their educational background, years of practice, area of specialization, and case success rate.

We also give weight to client reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation in the community.

Lastly, their contributions to the field, such as publications or speaking engagements, further influence their inclusion.

The goal is to ensure that every listed criminal lawyer upholds the highest standards of criminal law practice.


Do I have to pay for an initial consultation with a criminal lawyer?

The policy regarding initial consultations varies from criminal lawyer to other criminal lawyer.

While a significant number of law firms offer free initial consultations as a way to understand your case and provide preliminary guidance, there are others who might charge a fee.

It’s essential to clarify this beforehand during submitting the website form – When reaching out to a criminal lawyer from our directory, it’s always a good practice to ask about any consultation fees.

This way, you can be prepared and make an informed decision when scheduling your appointment.


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