How to Become a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

Becoming a criminal lawyer in Sydney is a challenging yet rewarding journey. This career path involves dedicated education, practical training, and a commitment to upholding the law. Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a criminal lawyer in Sydney.

Educational Requirements

The journey to becoming a criminal lawyer in Sydney begins with comprehensive education. Prospective lawyers must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain an Undergraduate Degree: The first step is to complete an undergraduate degree. While a law degree (LLB) is typical, it’s possible to pursue a different field and then complete a Juris Doctor (JD) postgraduate degree.
  2. Complete Law School: Attend a law school accredited by the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) in New South Wales. Law school provides intensive training and education in various aspects of the law, including criminal law.
  3. Practical Legal Training (PLT): After graduating from law school, the next step is to complete Practical Legal Training. This training provides practical skills and experience necessary for a legal career.

Admission to the Legal Profession

Once the educational and training requirements are met, aspiring criminal lawyers must be admitted to the legal profession:

  1. Apply for Admission: Graduates must apply for admission to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
  2. Completion of Legal Practice Program: This involves meeting character requirements and passing any necessary exams.

Obtaining a Practicing Certificate

After admission to the Supreme Court, lawyers must obtain a practicing certificate from the Law Society of New South Wales to practice as a criminal lawyer in Sydney.

Continued Professional Development

Criminal lawyers in Sydney must engage in ongoing professional development to stay current with legal practices and changes in criminal law.

Specialising in Criminal Law

While many lawyers handle various legal matters, specialising in criminal law often requires additional training and experience in criminal cases.


Becoming a criminal lawyer in Sydney is a process that requires dedication, rigorous education, practical experience, and a commitment to continual learning. It is a challenging but highly rewarding profession for those passionate about the law and justice.

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