Best Drug Lawyers and Law Firms in Sydney

Sydney’s premier drug defence lawyers and law firms specialises in handling cases related to narcotics, including possession, trafficking, and distribution. 

They provide expert legal representation for individuals and entities facing drug charges, navigating the complexities of drug laws and regulations.

Drug lawyers, often known as criminal lawyers, are legal professionals who focus on representing clients charged with drug-related offences. Their expertise covers a range of charges, from simple possession to complex trafficking and manufacturing cases. These lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring their clients receive a fair and just trial, often dealing with nuanced and technical aspects of drug laws.

Services offered by Drug Lawyers and Law firms in Sydney

  • Drug Possession: Defending clients charged with possessing illegal drugs.
  • Drug Supply: Legal representation for individuals accused of supplying or distributing narcotics.
  • Drug Driving: Assisting in cases involving driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Drug Cultivation: Advocating for clients accused of growing or producing illegal drugs.
  • Drug Manufacture: Defence against allegations of manufacturing drugs, such as operating meth labs.
  • Drug Premises: Addressing legal issues related to properties used for drug-related activities.
  • Drug Importation: Representing cases involving the importation of illegal narcotics into Australia.
  • Border Controlled Drugs: Specialized defence in cases of importing or exporting controlled substances across borders.

Choosing the right drug lawyer in Sydney, who is well-versed in criminal law, is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your case. 

This list has been compiled based on extensive criteria, including specialisation in drug law within the broader field of criminal law, experience, client testimonials, and overall professionalism. 

The guide aims to connect you with top-notch legal experts known for their commitment, legal acumen, and track record in drug-related cases.

How to choose the right Drug Lawyer in Sydney?

Assess specialisation and experience

Ensure the lawyer or firm specialises in drug-related cases. Experience in this specific area is crucial for understanding the complexities of drug law and successfully navigating the legal system. Look for professionals who have a proven track record in handling cases similar to yours, whether they involve possession, trafficking, or manufacturing.

Evaluate the firms' reputation and client feedbacks

Research the lawyer’s or firm’s reputation in the legal community and among past clients. Check online reviews, testimonials, and any recognitions or awards in drug law. This will give you insight into their effectiveness, reliability, and success rate.

Initial Consultation

Take advantage of any free initial consultations offered. This meeting is a critical opportunity to assess the lawyer’s approach to your case and their communication style. Discuss your case openly and pay attention to how they plan to handle it. Clear and transparent communication about legal strategies, potential outcomes, and fee structures is essential for a successful lawyer-client relationship.

To help you with that, we’ve done the research of going through all criminal law firms operating in the Sydney region from Law Society NSW and have put together a list below.

Sydney's Best Drug Lawyers and Law Firms.

1. Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® are a highly specialised, dedicated and trusted team of our nation’s brightest and best criminal lawyers Sydney has to offer with eight offices conveniently located close to the courts making it easy to immediately access an experienced criminal lawyer fast in Sydney. They offer a free consult and fixed fees for criminal cases going to court, the main reason why clients place their trust in them is there dedication and proven high success, reflected in their high quality legal representation, and outstanding list of awards.

The law firm comprises of Sydney’s top-rated criminal lawyers who’ve achieved a successful track record of consistently getting serious criminal charges dropped early, achieving ‘not guilty’ verdicts in serious criminal jury trial involving hearings and section 10 (non-conviction) sentence outcomes.

As highly respected experts in criminal law, they have appeared and featured in popular television, radio talkback shows and newspaper articles for their opinions on the law. They have secured exceptional results in some of Australia’s most complex and high-profile cases over the years.

2. Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is Australia’s most awarded criminal law firm with plenty of offices scattered all throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area. They are capable of handling all kinds of criminal and traffic cases, whether it be drunk driving, drug driving, drug possession, fraud, assault, and they boast of having handled some of Australia’s most serious and complex criminal cases.

The team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers includes solicitors and barristers, who specialise in criminal law, including drink driving offences, drug offences and white collar crimes. They pride themselves on providing clients with professional legal advice and strong representation in court and are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome for every client’s case.

The firm offers legal representation for those charged with criminal offences, as well as traffic and driving offences. Their lawyers represent all clients, from those seeking to avoid a conviction or clear their name to those seeking the best possible outcome for their case. For more information about how they can help you, call them today.

Address: Museum Towers, 503/267 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9261 8881

3. George Sten & Co Solicitors

George Sten & Co is a specialist firm of criminal lawyers based in the central business district of Sydney, Australia. The firm was established in 1967 by George Sten and is comprised of Senior Lawyers, Paralegals and Support Staff. George Sten & Co are a one of the longest established Criminal Law Firms in Sydney. We only practice in Criminal Law and are experts in our field, our case history and results speak for themselves.

Address: Suite C4, Ground Floor 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number02 961 8640

4. Nyman Gibson Miralis

Nyman Gibson Miralis (NGM) is a criminal defence law firm based in Sydney that specialises exclusively in criminal law. Our Sydney criminal defence lawyers defend charges  from traffic and drug-related offences to the most serious of criminal charges including corporate crime and sexual assault, and even crime commission matters, including ICAC.

Address: Level 9, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number02 9264 8884

5. Australian Criminal Law Group

AC Law Group is a firm of respected lawyers that specialise in criminal law. The firm was founded by Deng Adut and Joseph Correy, two solicitors recognised for their advocacy and activism. Deng Adut, a former child soldier, is one of Australia’s best known solicitors and the 2017 NSW Australian of the Year. He has been awarded the NSW Law Society President’s Medal and Pride of Australia award.

Address:1/299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone Number02 8815 8167

Jimmy Singh

Jimmy Singh is the principal lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. He is highly respected amongst the profession and well recognised for his experience and proven success record on winning the seemingly un-winnable cases. He has consistently achieved outstanding results in avoiding criminal convictions whilst proving his client’s innocence in and out of court.

Learn more about Jimmy Singh

Benjamin Goh

Benjamin Goh began his criminal law career in arguably the toughest legal and social environment in NSW- the Western Aboriginal Legal Service (WALS). Ben represented clients from Dubbo to Broken Hill and many remote towns in between, such as Bourke and Wilcannia. The experience Ben gained at WALS was invaluable and allowed him to appreciate the issues faced by clients from low socio-economic backgrounds who were faced with enormous stress as a result of being charged with a criminal offence.

Learn more about Benjamin Goh

Tyson Brown

Tyson Brown holds a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University, a Juris Doctor from RMIT and a GDLP from ANU. He is admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. Tyson is a valued and trusted member of the Criminal Law team, having first joined Armstrong Legal over five years ago.

Learn more about Tyson Brown

Michael Blair

Michael appears regularly as an advocate in a wide range of Local Court and Children’s Court matters, District Court sentences, appeals and bail application and Supreme Court bail applications. He has also represented clients in examinations and hearings at the NSW Crime Commission, ICAC and other investigative bodies. His approach to all matters is marked by taking time to listen very carefully to his client, attention to detail and preparation of a robust defence case.

Learn more about Michael Blair

Josh McKenzie

Josh McKenzie has always lived on the Northern Beaches. He was admitted as a solicitor in 2007. Shortly after, he completed his Masters in Law and joined the New South Wales Police Force. Josh was the Senior Prosecutor at Manly Local Court for approximately five years and was also a member of the Major Incident Legal Advice Group, providing specialised legal advice and assistance in respect of high profile incidents and events in NSW.

Learn more about Josh McKenzie

Frequently Asked Questions for Drug Lawyers Sydney

The selection for the Drug Lawyers Sydney on our website is a thorough process.

We’ve hand-selected only criminal law firm that only provides services in defending drug charges as one of the main-focus of their criminal law firm.

Additionally, our process includes evaluating their educational background, years of practice, area of specialization, and case success rate.

We also give weight to client reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation in the community.

Lastly, their contributions to the field, such as publications or speaking engagements, further influence their inclusion.

The goal is to ensure that every listed criminal lawyer upholds the highest standards of criminal law practice.

Yes, all drug lawyers and law firms listed in this page practice in Sydney or the surrounding areas.

The policy regarding initial consultations varies from lawyer to lawyer. While a significant number of lawyers offer free initial consultations as a way to understand your case and provide preliminary guidance, there are others who might charge a fee.

It’s essential to clarify this beforehand. When reaching out to a lawyer from our directory, it’s always a good practice to ask about any consultation fees.

This way, you can be prepared and make an informed decision when scheduling your appointment.

Ensuring the relevance and accuracy of our directory is a top priority. Our team conducts regular checks and updates, typically on a monthly basis. We account for any changes in a lawyer’s status, new entrants in the field, and recent client reviews. Moreover, lawyers and firms can also reach out to update their credentials or provide newer information. Our aim is to present an up-to-date and dependable resource for anyone seeking legal counsel in Sydney.

While this page provides a list of drug lawyers in Sydney, it’s essential to research and consult directly with any lawyer you’re considering.

Check their reviews, past cases, and set up your first free consultation to ensure they’re a good fit for your specific needs. Otherwise, check out our guide on the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.

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