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Founded in 2019

About Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers

Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers (ACFL) is a unique legal practice that bridges the gap between criminal law and family law. Founded by Emma Adams, ACFL recognizes that legal issues often intersect, affecting both individuals and their families.
In criminal defense, ACFL represents clients facing charges such as assault, drug offenses, and theft. Their attorneys meticulously analyze evidence, explore legal defenses, and provide robust representation in court. They understand the stress and uncertainty that criminal charges bring, and they guide clients through the process with empathy and expertise.
In family law, ACFL assists clients with divorce, child custody, property settlements, and spousal maintenance. Their holistic approach considers not only legal aspects but also emotional well-being. They aim to minimize conflict during family disputes while safeguarding clients’ rights.
ACFL’s commitment to integrity, transparency, and personalized service sets them apart. Whether you’re dealing with criminal allegations or family-related matters, ACFL provides comprehensive legal support.

Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers's Offices in Sydney

Sydney Office

Sydney Office

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